Verifier together with NOM

in the 2018 elections

Advantages of the blockchain

  • Maximum
  • Maximum protection
    against editing data
  • Maximum protection
    against deleting data

VERifier’s identification

  • One-time registration
  • Passport data
  • Rating system

THE scheme of using verifier in

during the russian election in 2018 a record number of independent monitors was noted

Voter turnout for the presedent election of the russian federation on march 18, 2018

results of using the verifier system

Assessment of russians’ confidence
in the president election

received thanks

In preparation for the voting day in the 2018 elections, we have integrated VERIFIER technology into the NOM information systems.

DMITRY NAZAROV The founder of the project VERIFIER

VERIFIER is a method of electronic verification of any document, person or event using BLOCKCHAIN technology.

Photos from the event

Statistics on protocols in the regions of the Russian Federation

Smartphone - as the main tool for verifying real world events in the hands of tens of thousands of "Verifaers" around the world

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