Yo Gotti, also known as Mario Mims, is an American rapper born on the 17th of May, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Yo Gotti grew up in one of the most dominant crime-induced districts––introducing him to an early life of crime. However, music has turned his life around, and from such a young age of 14, he began rapping under the name Lil Yo (one of the only names that ‘Lil’ is actually applicable).

Affiliated with DJ Sound alongside his crew, 1996 saw Lil Yo’s debut with ‘Youngsta’s On a Come Up’. From then on, he released a couple of independent albums year in and year out with 2000’s ‘Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game’, 2001’s ‘Self-Explanatory’, 2003’s ‘Life’, and 2006’s ‘Back 2 da Basics’.

In May 2009, he released his first single titled ‘5 Star’ which placed 79th on the Hot 100, 19th on U.S. R&B, and 11th on U.S. Rap. His second single ‘Women Lie, Men Lie’ was done alongside Lil Wayne in 2009 while ‘Look In The Mirror’ debuted in 2010.

With an abnormal amount of what we thought were breakout singles, Yo Gotti released his album titled ‘Live From The Kitchen’ to prove us all wrong, to say that this is what will put his name on the map. On the 10th of January, 2012, the album was released and sold 16,000 copies during the first week of its existence in the United States––debuting 12th on the U.S. Billboard 200.

2013 was the year Yo Gotti announced a tour to promote his album and ‘Act Right’, a single that was a product of his collaboration alongside Young Jeezy and YG. Yo Gotti’s name was so prominent in the rap scene already that stars like J. Cole and Canei Finch noticed his rise in the genre and came along to collaborate with Gotti for his third single, ‘Cold Blood’.

The last five years proved to be solid for Yo Gotti. In 2016, his ‘The Art of Hustle’ bagged the 4th position on the Billboard 200. It doesn’t end there, however, as his single in ‘Down in the DM’ featuring Nicki Minaj placed 13th on the Billboard Hot 100. Currently, Yo Gotti’s biggest song on Spotify is ‘Rake It Up’ also featuring Nicki Minaj with a whopping 280+ million streams.

Now, Yo Gotti is the President and CEO of Collective Music Group which was once known as Cocaine Muzik Group or CMG. As of 2020, Yo Gotti’s net worth stands at a tall $5 million.


Mario Mimms

Net Worth

$5 million

Date of Birth

May 17, 1981


Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Income Source

Professional Rapper

At this point, there’s no more argument that people raised by, and on, the streets are more confidently experienced than others. Their strong personas are often curated by the struggles they endure every day––making them the most real and hardest speakers of truth in today’s society. Yo Gotti, from the life of crime to his dream-fulfilling moments, has never forgotten where he’s come from.

Here are some of Yo Gotti’s best quotes!

Top 5 Yo Gotti Quotes

  1. There’s nothing more valuable than your freedom in your life. When you’re in the streets you’re gambling with that 24/7. If you don’t know that you’re just flat out dumb to me.” – Yo Gotti
  2. I’m one of the few artists who started from the ground up for real. Not taking no records to the radio station begging no DJ to play it. When DJs started playing my records they called me for them. I ain’t pull up and ask nobody for nothing, I ain’t pay nobody nothing.” – Yo Gotti
  3. As a street hustler, you’ve got to be smarter than everybody. You have to outsmart the police, you have to outsmart the people in competition with you, you have to outsmart all the opposition.” – Yo Gotti
  4. My key to surviving and winning is hustle. I think once you lose your hustle, you lost everything.” – Yo Gotti
  5. I like to make music from a personal standpoint, and the music that feels good to me, and when the music becomes big, it’s even better because it’s an even more organic feeling than when you, like, tried to make the hit record.” – Yo Gotti
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